In his book, Underground: A Human History of the Worlds Beneath our Feet, Will Hunt argues that the use of underground caves and cities that were used and occupied by our predecessors, is innately human.

Exploring the various depths across the planet, Hunt takes us on a journey through time, through our history and at times, our biology. He tells us the story of our ancestors and attempts to explain our evolution.

Beautifully mixed into the stories of Hunt’s explorations, are recounts of other explorers and, I believe, inspirations for this book. Hunt is never shy in sharing his opinion about humanity with the reader, but he also shows that he is not trying to be an expert. He meets with archeologists, with shamans, and scientists. He is learning just as we are; it is as if we are going on this journey with him.

This book reads like fiction, his writing is extremely readable and it never feels as though he is telling you what is right and wrong. It is very clear that Hunt wants the reader to explore their own thoughts and opinions through his adventures.

It elegantly portrays the journey of Hunt’s life underground, while also teaching us about what makes us human. This book is many things. He takes us across the world to different countries and places, inspiring you to explore the globe on your own. It is at times a historical book, and others a scientific one, and it always reads like an adventure story – it keeps you interested.

Each chapter is a different story, about a different cave, or underground world, and as we move through the book, we learn a little bit more about who we are as a species. It is as if the book represents the cave of human history and as we read more, we are pulled into the mystery of our story, discovering more and more as we turn down each tunnel. This book is very much a story of our history as humans but it forces the consideration of our future.

Hunt believes that there is much more about humanity and our species history to still discover. It seems as if this book is an invitation for readers to look inwards, to discover more about themselves, and then to bring that knowledge outwards and use it to explore the world, and what truly makes us who we are.

“Provocative and satisfying. A book can often have its greatest impact by rethinking familiar terrain, forcing readers to reconsider their entrenched preconceptions. Will Hunt taps in to our deep fascination with what lies beneath the surface of things by exploring, quite literally, what’s going on beneath the surface. By the end of your excursion through Underground, you may never look at a hole in the ground in quite the same way again.”New York Times Book Review

You can purchase the book on Amazon here.


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