New Science

Fasting to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

The recommended treatment for type 2 diabetes is usually a combination of diet, exercise and medication, and the goal is to keep your blood sugar under control. However, new research suggests that there may be a way to reverse the disease with intermittent fasting.

We Have 12 Years…

Polar ice is melting, very hot days are increasing, and more extreme weather is on the rise. Climate change is happening right now and scientists are warning that we only have 12 years to get our greenhouse gas emissions in check.

Desire for Revenge Studied using new Economic Game

When someone wrongs us, or betrays us, often we feel like we should “get back at them”. This desire for revenge can be a consequence of anger – but what actually happens in our brain when we feel like lashing out at someone?

Schizophrenia and Cannabis-Use Found to be Drivers of Brain Aging

Researchers from John Hopkins, University of California, Google and others conducted the largest known brain imaging study to determine the drivers of brain aging. More than 30,000 individuals from 9 months to 105 years old had their brains scanned in hopes of identifying patterns of aging.

Is CRISPR as Accurate as We Think?

CRISPR has been the talk of the medicine world for a while because of its incredible accuracy for gene editing. The hope is that CRISPR will cure genetic diseases and end all suffering caused by them. Companies have been pouring money into the potential that this technology holds. But a new study has suggested that it may not be as precise as we think.